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Body Massager M-319 Breo

The Mini 319 series incorporates simplicity and fun into its product designThe three units are molde..

R759.00 Ex Tax: R665.79

Drone (Follow me) Black

ragonFly DroneWorld First Foldable DroneWorld first foldable carbon fiber arms allow dragonfly drone..

R8,999.00 Ex Tax: R7,893.86

Drone (Follow me) Red

DragonFly DroneWorld First Foldable DroneWorld first foldable carbon fiber arms allow dragonfly dron..

R8,999.00 Ex Tax: R7,893.86

Eye Massager iSee108 Breo

Bring spa-like luxury at perfectly affordable price into your home with the iSee108.Combined with bu..

R679.00 Ex Tax: R595.61

Eye Massager iSee4 Breo

The iSee4 eye massager integrates elegance with technologyThe unique design combines complementary c..

R2,499.00 Ex Tax: R2,192.11

Head Massager iDream1260 Breo

Combines kneading pressure, high frequency magnetic fields, heat and relaxing music.LED HD DISPLAYSi..

R3,499.00 Ex Tax: R3,069.30

Head Massager iDream3 Breo

The iDream3 offers a 360° head and eye massageFour different massage settings are available, al..

R5,299.00 Ex Tax: R4,648.25

Head Massager iDream5 Breo

Experience a 360° head massage giving you relaxationYou can control the unit – including adjustments..

R6,299.00 Ex Tax: R5,525.44

Neck Massager iNeck2 Breo

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALMade from high-end, safe, and environmentally friendly material, yo..

R2,899.00 Ex Tax: R2,542.98

Palm Massager iPalm 520s

Do you still remember the feeling when you held your partners hand for the first time? When did..

R1,899.00 Ex Tax: R1,665.79

Palm Pro Massager Breo

WE USE OUR HANDS ON A DAILY BASISThe technological advancement of the modern era means we now rely o..

R3,599.00 Ex Tax: R3,157.02

Philips LightLife Flashlight Metal LED SFL4050

Explore the outside With this Metal LED torchThe Metal LED torch is featured with high performance ..

R259.00 Ex Tax: R227.19

Philips LightLife Flashlight Pro Headlight LED

Explore the outside - With this Pro Headlight LEDThe Pro Headlight LED is the perfect match for..

R199.00 Ex Tax: R174.56

Philips LightLife Flashlight Pro LED

Explore the outsideWith this Metal Pro LED torchThe Metal Pro LED torch is featured with high perfor..

R319.00 Ex Tax: R279.82

Philips LightLife Flashlight Waterproof LED

Explore the outside - With this Waterproof LED torchThe Waterproof LED is designed to last thro..

R199.00 Ex Tax: R174.56