Philips Audio Recorder DVT4010

For ConversationsVoice tracerPrecise conversation recordingwith automatic adjustment of audio settin..

R3,417.00 Ex Tax: R2,971.30

Philips Audio Recorder DVT6500

Perfect for musicSuperior music recordingin CD-like audio qualityCapture music in outstanding defini..

R5,000.00 Ex Tax: R4,347.83

Philips Conference Briefcase DPM8900

PocketMemo Meeting recorder360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recordingHigh recording quality..

R20,700.00 Ex Tax: R18,000.00

Philips Digital recorder DVT2710

With Dragon DVR editionTurn your voice into textwith first-class recordings and speech recognitionRe..

R2,873.85 Ex Tax: R2,499.00

Philips LFH 720 Transcriber

Simplicity ItselfA specialist analogue transcription machine that allows you to cope with substantia..

R21,642.00 Ex Tax: R18,819.13

Philips Notes Recorder with USB connection DVT1150

Easy notes recording with one-touch recordingThe VoiceTracer 1150 is the perfect voice recorder for ..

R1,156.00 Ex Tax: R1,005.22

Philips Professional Dictation Recorder DPM6000

with Button ControlsThe PocketMemo voice recorder takes dictation to a new level. Two microphones de..

R7,258.00 Ex Tax: R6,311.30

Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder DVT2510

First-class notes recordingin full stereo audio qualityThe VoiceTracer 2510 is perfect for capturing..

R1,810.00 Ex Tax: R1,573.91

Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder DVT8010

Perfect for recording meetings360° meeting recordingwith a light, portable and easy-to-use solutionC..

R6,684.00 Ex Tax: R5,812.17

Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder DVT8010 with extra microphone

Capture every meeting in excellent, noise-free audio quality. Simply place the 360° meeting micropho..

R9,465.00 Ex Tax: R8,230.43

Philips Voice Tracer DVT6010

Perfect for lectures and interviewsSuperior distance recordingwith 3Mic AutoZoom+Capture lectures an..

R3,783.00 Ex Tax: R3,289.57

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